Thursday, March 6, 2014

Escape from looting in Leer

From an email sent by Father Michael Barton on Feb. 28: I shall try to write something at the end of most months. Last January 31st I was running from the looting of Leer and then was helped to find a boat on the Nile to get to Old Fanjok Mission dedicated to the Holy Trinity where there are three Comboni priest, one Italian, another an Uganda and a German whose mother is a Korean and here they have decided to do all the work of cleaning and cooking and wasking of their clothes. So they walk and use canoes to get to their many chapels. No cars or bikes here. I am mostly given over to the study of Nuer and at this age will do what I can do.. I hope to get to Ayod by early April and in this month I will study and also teach in the catechist course in the month of March. Michael

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