Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father Michael's farewell to Nyamlell

On Jan. 13, 2013, Father Michael Barton participated in a ceremony to hand over his ministry to new missionaries.

Youth Congress, 2009

Gathering for the 2009 Youth Conference in Gordhim

The faces of St. Theresa Parish, Nyamlell, South Sudan

Father Michael Barton returned to Indianapolis this spring for a visit with family and friends following his service in St. Theresa Parish. This is his first visit home in six years. He brought with him many photos of clergy, religious and parishioners taken during his years in Nyamless, which he shares here.
Bishop Santo's visit
Visit of Mgr. Caezar
Building of chapels and safari
Chapel Ariat
Chapel Marial Baai
Chapel Ngabakoth
Chapel Wudum
Comboni Primary School, Marial Baai
Comboni Soccer
Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Father Michael's Safari
Farewell to Sister Jeanne
Nyamlell Chorus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Provincial Visit
Secondary School