Sunday, July 7, 2013

Journey from South Sudan to Indianapolis, with many stops along the way

July 2nd, 2013 Comboni Missionaries- South Sudan P.O. Box 21102 Nairobi, KENYA 00505 I do not know what address to use. I do know that I shall return to Africa although I shall not return to Nyamlell. I don’t know where I will be assigned either, but I shall go back to South Sudan in mid December. Until then I plan to just enjoy my home leave. July 4th, 1776-2013 -- which equals to 237 years of independence of the United States of America. July 9th, 2011-2013 -- which is two years of independence of the Republic of the South Sudan. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the second most populated country in Africa, on my way home. I got to visit Helwassa, Addis Ababa, and then went to Gamuz to see how the Comboni confreres, one of whom is a long time friend, are doing first evangelization among the Gamuz. They go out after dark and teach Christianity. This is a very different method as most of the time we would run schools and teach in the day and run catechumen in the afternoon. I went out one evening to see how they do it. Then I went to Bahr Dar to see the source of the Blue Nile. I then went to visit Lailabella to visit three groups of Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox Churches, which are about 15 altogether, all carved from the mountains and is stone. Orthodoxy is the main religion in that African country. I then went for a day to Axum and many historical sites of interest. They claim to have the Ark of the Covenant, which no one is shown, with a beautiful church built in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary that they let everyone see for a fee. I then went to Turkey to follow some of the steps of Saint Paul and some other sights. I then went to Greece and did more of the same. I had celebrated Easter in Mapuordit (Latin Rite) and when I got to Ethiopia I found myself back in Lent (Eastern Rite Calendar) and had a second Easter in Thessalonica, Greece. So many things happened to make me feel Saint Paul guiding me in my journey in Turkey and Greece all by bus with many interesting and spiritual experiences. Then I came home, I saw Vancouver and Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and San Francisco and then Indianapolis. I have been helping the Comboni Missionaries to do some mission appeals in Indiana and in New Orleans. So far I have done four and have four more or so to do. I try to visit friends and also to read and rest and cycle from here to there. I want to thank you for all your support and help. Yours in the Heart of the Pierced One, Father Michael D. Barton, MCCJ 317-902-8489( 3830 Sherman Circle. Indianapolis, IN. 46220

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father Michael's farewell to Nyamlell

On Jan. 13, 2013, Father Michael Barton participated in a ceremony to hand over his ministry to new missionaries.

Youth Congress, 2009

Gathering for the 2009 Youth Conference in Gordhim

The faces of St. Theresa Parish, Nyamlell, South Sudan

Father Michael Barton returned to Indianapolis this spring for a visit with family and friends following his service in St. Theresa Parish. This is his first visit home in six years. He brought with him many photos of clergy, religious and parishioners taken during his years in Nyamless, which he shares here.
Bishop Santo's visit
Visit of Mgr. Caezar
Building of chapels and safari
Chapel Ariat
Chapel Marial Baai
Chapel Ngabakoth
Chapel Wudum
Comboni Primary School, Marial Baai
Comboni Soccer
Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Father Michael's Safari
Farewell to Sister Jeanne
Nyamlell Chorus
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Provincial Visit
Secondary School