Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011 from Nyamlell

April 8, 2011

I have returned to Nyamlell to get the school up and going again. I celebrated Mass here only on December 26th and February 13th and last Sunday on April 3rd and all the rest of the time has been out in the chapels and many days it was two chapels in one day. So I have been totally a parish priest and a shepherd during this dry season. LOTS AND LOTS OF SACRAMENTAL WORK. All Good.

I was in Juba for Bishop Santo and then visited many of my old places of evangelization and got back here and did more of the same. I took a bus only once and the seat broke off in front of me as we rode along the rough South Sudan roads.
I ended my pastoral visit on March 30 and on the 31st had a Mass for Father Pax on his grave with all our catechists in attendance.

On April 1st I had registration for the school and we closed Sacred Heart High School for lack of teachers and will keep open Comboni Primary. with the sisters and myself teaching a lot of classes. I got the older pupils to help me keep order and they were great. They got people in lines and read the rules and regulations and make them sign their names and signatures that they would obey. William was really great and telling them to be on time Monday and to bring brooms for cleaning the school compound. BUT once in a while I would hear him say to the really cute girls sign your name and write your telephone number. Only a year of telephone here and already the real reason to have one is well understood.

Happy Easter.

Father Michael Barton