Friday, January 3, 2014

Waiting for the next step in the journey

Jan. 3, 2014 A brief note from Father Michael Barton, who is now back in South Sudan: I passed though London and Nairobi and got here to Juba on December 24th and had Christmas Mass here in the South Sudan. On the Saturday after Christmas I was able to go and say Mass on the grave Of Aloyisius Lado, a catechist who was a leper yet worked with me and other priests in the Luri Ro Kwe Leper Colony outside of Juba. The next day I went back on the feast of the Holy Family to that same chapel. I had it all in Bari and even though it has been many years I remembered enough to say the masses and preach. Here in Juba I am waiting for a flight for Ayod in Jonglei State or to Leer in Unity State, so many days I walk to the White Nile and do I ever love that river. Next week early I should be able to get to one of those two sites and will begin to study Nuer. Happy Epiphany and then Orthodox Christmas! Michael Barton

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